Scope of the Fair l Hogatex İstanbul 2019

Industrial Kitchen and Laundry Equipments
Kitchen Equipments and  Accessories
Cleaning, Washing, Drying Equipments
Cooking Equipments
Self-service and Fastfood Equipments
Bread, Cake, Bakery Equipment, Accessories and Supplies
Buffet Equipment and Supplies
Patisserie, Bakery Equipment and Showcase Supplies
Indoor - Outdoor Lighting Equipment
Chandeliers, Wall Lamps, LEDs, Spots
Table Lamps, Lampshades, Floor Lamps
Decorative  Lighting Hardwares
Decorative Outdoor Lightings
Industrial Lightings
Hotel Room
Bathroom Furnitures
Bathroom Accessories
Hair Dryers
Professional Textile Products
Table Textile
Bathroom Textile
Furniture and Furniture Accessories
Indoor Furniture
Sitting Groups
Table, Chairs
Outdoor Furnitures and Accessories
Decorative Accessories
Mirrors, Pictures, Frames
Fireplaces and Accessories
Decorative Glass, Ceramics, Porcelain, Metal, Wood Products
Curtains, Venetian Blinds, Roller Blinds and Accessories
Decorative Ornaments
Floor, Wall and Ceiling Coating Products
Wallpapers, Plasterboard, Paints, Panels
Decorative Wall, Ceiling Cladding Products
Vinyl, Parquet, Carpet and Other Decorative Floor Covering Products
Decorative Suspended Ceiling and Floor Upgrade Systems
Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Systems
Laundry Equipment and Cleaning
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipments
Professional Laundry Equipment and Hardwares
Health Care Supplies
Cleaning Supplies
Social Life Areas and Equipments
Decorative Stairs, Stair Coverings, Gunwales and Accessories
Decorative Partition, Panel, Door and Accessories
Winter Gardens
Rest and Entertainment
SPA Equipment and Hardwares
Sports and Coordination  Equipments
Fitness Equipments
Pool - Sauna Equipments and Hardwares
Animation Equipments
Architecture & Decoration Services
Architecture, Interior Design and Decoration Offices
Design Companies
Landscaping Companies
Automation Systems
Control, Automation and Work Safety Systems
Communication Systems
Security and Fire Safety Systems
Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Generators
Software and Services
Catering Management Softwares
Hotel Management Softwares
Computer Hardware and Softwares
Advertising Agencies and Consulting Companies